Saturday, December 29, 2007



Shut in, alone
Nowhere, nowhere to go
I hate this, but I am enraptured
Am I hiding or am I captured?

Locked in, alone
You belong outside with everything else
In this confined space I suffocate time
Am I my own prisoner for this crime?

Trapped, alone
Know not how I got here and see not a way out
Panic interlaces quietude
Is surrendering all I can summon up in this solitude?

But here alone I can think
My thoughts are my only friends and bullies
Here I can hear myself
I cry at the scary things said and the beauty I see
But now you can hear my thoughts too
I am not that alone anymore; get out
I need to hide further, deeper
What do you want from me?

What am I hiding from?
Will I ever find myself?
When I do, will I find myself lonely?
Will it be too late?

© 2007 Vulture